Thursday, January 5, 2012

Spicy, Tangy, and heavenly Mamidikaya Chitrannam/Mango Pulihora

Most of you would have heard about Lemon Rice ( Chitrannam/ Nimmakaya pulihora), Tamarind rice (Pulihora), and even Mango Pulihora too. Chitrannam, or chitramaina annam, in english traslated as Amazing or Wonderful Rice. Very aptly named it is I feel. This particular Mamidikaya Chitrannam is favorite among the others because of its spicy, tangy and yet yummy taste.   In my regio back home, we add mustard seeds for that extra flavor. So here is the list of things you would need

Grated mango...aha my mouth is watering!
1. Raw mango, washed and grated. I donot peel the skin, like to see the different shades of green.
For the paste:
 2tbsps of coconut
10 green chillies
1tsp mustard seeds
some salt

Grind these ingredients into a fine paste without adding water.

Now boil rice in a separate cooker/vessel whatever you usually boil in. spread the rice in another mixing bowl to let dry a bit.

Meanwhile prepare for the popu/seasoning for the chitrannam mixture.
2tbspns vegetable oil
mustard seeds for seasoning
10-12 curryleaves
Raw peanuts
3-4 dry red chillies
Let the oil heat up add mustard seeds, followed by curryleaves, redchillies and then the coconut+chilli+mustard paste that we prepared earlier. Fry it for about 5 minutes until the raw smell is gone. Add a teaspoon of turmeric as you do for other chitrannam/pulihora. Just before you turn off the heat add the grated raw mango and give it a mix. Now mix the raw mango mixture to the rice well, and taste the chitrannam. If you have time make urlagadda talimpu/potato masala or just some pappu  or you can just eat it alone. Donot forget to eat curd with the chitrannam at the end.
I made it yesterday night as dear hubby is a big fan of chitrannam , and it turned out just like I wanted it to be. Delicious chitrannam with tomato pappu ( not many tomatoes, will tell you the recipe another time), fried majjiga mirapakayalu and fried saggubiyyam/sabudana papads made the dinner nothing less memorable.
 I believe the mustard paste gives an extra kick to the recipe. Bye now and I will see you with another interesting dessert that my both my grandmoms used to make, and ofcourse my mom always was in the line. It is called "RAGI HALWA". I am telling the name out just for my sake, because I have never tried making it myself until now. But of all the desserts out there I place it in the top of the list.  And I do want to challenge myself into making it (I speed up things when I say them out ) without any delays. Ciao people. By the way here are some more pics of the "Chitrannam".
Green chilli+Mustard+Coconut paste
The seasoned Mixture ready for the rice!


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  1. Hi Sunitha..finally tried today the spicy,tangy mamidikaya pulihora..and it came out perfect...never knew mustards can be so strong in taste... while eating reminded me of eating rice with fresh avakaya pachadi :)..may be I added little more mustards...but overall it was great.